May not be left soon: Volunteers urged not to use small drones to drop ammunition

May be gone soon: Volunteers urged not to use small drones to drop ammo

Activist Sergiy Sternenko urged the Ukrainian military not to use DJI Mavic 3 quadcopters to drop ammunition. He stated this on his Facebook page.

«Now the shortage of these copters is aggravated on the market. Better stop using the Mavic to drop vogs (VOG-25 ammo, — ed.) or other munitions, because so soon you may not have any small civilian UAVs at all», — Sternenko noted.

He added that he does not yet know when he will be able to purchase a new batch of such drones.

Volunteer Roman Sinitsin also called for protecting drones. According to him, there are brigades that lose 8 drones a day, using them not for reconnaissance purposes, but to «purely throw jokes into the trenches».

« There are units that successfully correct talking mortars and barrels or even escaliburs, and I'm not kidding. There are pilots who have not lost a single drone since May-June, and the number of destroyed equipment goes to dozens. And I'm not kidding. Finding batches of drones is getting harder and worse», — explained Sinitsin.

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