Mayor of Dnipro: There will be more than 50 victims of the missile attack, some people have simply “evaporated”

Mayor of Dnipro: There will be more than 50 victims of the missile strike, some people just

According to preliminary estimates, more than 50 people will die as a result of the strike of the Russian invaders on the Dnieper. This was stated by the mayor of the city Boris Filatov in an interview with journalist Vasily Golovanov.

According to the mayor of Dnipro, now the chances of finding someone under the rubble are close to zero, since the temperature at night was cold and rocket fuel burned after the impact.

«At the moment there are 25 people missing, and to be honest, we are completely shaking the trash so that not a single body fragment is missing, but I was informed that there is such a possibility that some people just «vanished», — Filatov said.

He added that now the rescuers are planning to examine the roof of the house, since bodies could have been thrown there as a result of a Russian strike.

« let's do it. According to preliminary estimates, the victims will be 50+», — Filatov noted.

  • On January 14, Russian terrorists hit a high-rise building in the Dnieper with a rocket, where more than 1.1 thousand people lived. The explosion completely destroyed one of the sections of the house.
  • On January 17, search and rescue operations were completed in the Dnieper: 45 people died, including 6 children.

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