Mayor of Kherson Kolykhaev responded to accusations of collaborationism

Kherson Mayor Kolykhaev responded to accusations of collaborationism

Kherson mayor Igor Kolykhaev responded to accusations that he allegedly entered into cooperation with the Russians . He published the corresponding post on his Facebook.

– Recently, the word “collaborator”, dropped in my address by various characters, has been increasingly reaching me. And those who hit the road from Kherson in the first days of the war. From great love for the motherland, of course. Today, Kherson residents see these “defenders” and “leaders” only on TV, where they talk about their exploits, bordering on heroism. I don’t want to assess this, let the townspeople do it themselves, – said Kolykhaev.

As the mayor of Kherson noted, during the capture of the city, local authorities, emergency services and public utilities remained in place and continued to do their work so that support the citizens.

– I would ask the people of Kherson to answer honestly: do you also consider me a “collaborator” because I did not leave the city and the townspeople and do not convey greetings to you from somewhere on the ocean coast? Did everyone forget so quickly how it was when all the bread, flour, food, medicines disappeared in the city in a week … Like listening to explosions and seeing tanks and armed people through the window, everyone was afraid to leave the apartments for several days, and we asked for utility bills. services to work on the streets so that the townspeople do not go crazy with fear that they are all “abandoned”? he emphasized.

According to him, one day the employees of the city services will be able to tell the townspeople about how hard they managed to maintain life in the city during the occupation and hostilities. Kolykhaev also wrote that he does not leave Kherson, but continues to work remotely, being responsible for the life of the city and the safety of local residents.

– Everything that I did and do is the result of my oath to my city, which I gave on November 27 2021. And the judges for me and my actions are only the townspeople. Do not ask me about the governor and his statements about me today. Everyone has their own conscience and depth of memory. Did I know that everything would be the way it is now? No. If he had known, many things would have turned out differently, he says.

The mayor also said that the leadership remained in the city and continued to fulfill their duties, following the instructions sent to them by the head of the ACV Gennady Laguta. Kolykhaev stressed that the document was signed by the official on April 19 – two months after the occupation of Kherson by Russian troops.

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