Mayor's Advisor: There is a certain movement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards Kherson. Enemy equipment and manpower hit

Mayor's advisor: There is a certain advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards Kherson. Enemy equipment and manpower have been hit

The Armed Forces of Ukraine stepped up their actions to liberate the Kherson region. This was told by the adviser to the mayor of Kherson Roman Golovnya, according to «Espresso».

«Since yesterday evening, confirmed information has been received about the activation of our troops towards Kherson and the region. This is directly reflected in the city of Kherson itself. There is already confirmed information about the defeat of equipment and manpower of the enemy in the city. There is also information that one of the deputies of the collaborator Saldo was eliminated», said Golovnya.

The mayor's adviser noted that the enemy had put individual military units in the occupied Crimea.

«Sufficiently positive information about the work of our Armed Forces has been coming in since morning. Now we are waiting for confirmation from the General Staff. The information from the General Staff was also confirmed that the enemy has become more active in the occupied Crimea. This confirms that the Armed Forces of Ukraine went forward in the Kherson region» , he added.

  • The ISW believes that Putin is ready to sacrifice the Luhansk region to hold on to the south.

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