Media: A regiment of mobilized from the Irkutsk region was almost completely destroyed near Donetsk

Media: A regiment of mobilized from the Irkutsk region was almost completely destroyed near Donetsk

The regiment of unprepared mobilized Russians from the Irkutsk region as part of the regiment 1439 of the first and second battalions, which was sent to storm the Avdeevsky fortified area near Donetsk, was practically destroyed. Siberia.Realii reports this.

Relatives of the mobilized said that only a few people from the regiment were wounded, the rest died, but are listed as missing.

«My call back — shrapnel, in the hospital. He says there is nothing left of the regiment. So far, only two of the wounded are known, the rest either died or were left there in a difficult situation. He's only given a week! Then again they will throw «on the front»!» – says the wife of the mobilized Svetlana (name changed).

Irkutsk officials went to the «DPR», where the mobilized Russians complained about the command. They intend «to make contact» with a regiment based in «DNR». Presumably, the speech was about the idea of ​​regiment 1439.

On February 27, the mobilized made up the third appeal to Putin with a complaint about the actions of the command from the so-called «DNR». According to the soldiers under the command of the Slavic brigade of the so-called «DPR», they are sent to storm in the absence of intelligence, communications and artillery support, and to complaints that the mobilized «there is no way to fulfill the order&#187 ;, they are promised to be prosecuted for desertion. «Example: «if you go under the article for desertion, you will have trouble with the commandant's office and the military police, we will disband you two by two and send you on an offensive from which you will not return», — the appeal says.

At the same time, the mobilized do not have military training — these are yesterday's builders, drivers, managers. Many of them are over the age of 40 with chronic diseases, notes Sibir.Realii.

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