Media: A Russian rocket fell again in the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation | VIDEO

Media: Russian missile crashed in Volgograd region of Russia | VIDEO

In the Rudnyansky district of the Russian Volgograd region, debris similar to a Russian cruise missile fell. This was reported by the local edition

The fragments were discovered in the Rudnyansky district of the Volgograd region by residents of the Ilmensky rural settlement, about 20 kilometers from the village. Journalists note that visually the wreckage resembles parts of a long-range cruise missile from the X-101/X-102 family – AS-23 KODIAK. They entered service with the Russian armed forces in 2012, and were first used in Syria against ISIS in 2015.

Similar fragments recently fell in the Yelansky and Rudnyansky districts of the Volgograd region. Later, officials officially recognized that the wreckage belonged to the Russian military. Another case of falling debris in the Russian Ministry of Defense did not comment.

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