Media: After the war began, Putin began to actively use the armored train | VIDEO

Media: After the war began, Putin began to actively use the armored train | VIDEO

Russian President Vladimir Putin uses an armored train for long journeys. This is stated in the investigation of the Center «Dossier».

It is reported that the Russian dictator began using the armored train in August-September 2021, although he previously preferred to use the sides of the Russian special flight squad.

«After the outbreak of the war, in February-March, he began to use the train very actively, especially to get to his residence in Valdai», — Putin's acquaintance told reporters.

Relevant information was also confirmed to investigators by a source in the presidential administration. It is likely that the Russian dictator began to travel by armored train out of fear of being eliminated, since the movement of aircraft is easier to track in real time than passenger trains.

The plot says that the armored train has a bedroom, an office, a car for accompanying personnel and a car for special communications. The train itself is disguised as an ordinary passenger train, but it is given out by special equipment on the roof of one of the cars. Outwardly, the armored train looks like a regular train, only instead of four axles it has six, instead of one locomotive there are several, and special equipment is placed on the roof.

It is assumed that the cost of such a train may exceed a billion rubles. The authors also found out that the special train matching the description belongs to the company «Grand Service Express», which was owned by an offshore company associated with Putin's ally Yuri Kovalchuk, and businessman Mikhail Rabinovich, who is said to be a good friend of Kovalchuk.

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