Media: Biden explained why Prigozhin is so obsessed with capturing Bakhmut

Media: Biden explains why Prigozhin is so obsessed with capturing Bakhmut

The leader of the terrorist PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin wants to capture Bakhmut in the Donetsk region in order to control the mines in the city area. This was announced by a representative of the White House, reports Reuters.

According to a representative of the administration of the American leader, there are all signs that Prigozhin was guided by monetary motives when capturing Bakhmut. So, the founder of the PMC wants to take control of salt and gypsum from the mines.

According to media reports, he did the same in African countries, where he sent his mercenaries to support local regimes. In July it was reported that in Sudan PMC «Wagner» controlled several mines in which gold was mined to replenish Russian reserves in the face of sanctions pressure from the West.

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