Media: Britain will begin to train Ukrainian pilots and provide long-range weapons

Media: Britain will start training Ukrainian pilots and provide long-range weapons

< p>British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to announce an expanded training program for Ukrainian troops, as well as the supply of long-range weapons to Kyiv.

This was reported on Downing Street on the eve of an unannounced visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Britain , writes The Guardian.

This is the first visit by a Ukrainian leader to Britain since the start of the Russian invasion almost a year ago.

As noted on Downing Street, Sunak will announce an expansion of the training program for the Ukrainian military, by including fighter pilots and marines, «ensuring that Ukraine will have an army capable of defending its interests in the future». It is noted that the training will provide pilots with the ability to fly modern fighter aircraft that comply with NATO standards.

According to Downing Street, thanks to the recruit training program already in place in the UK, 10 thousands of Ukrainian troops, with plans to train another 20,000 Ukrainian troops this year.

Further sanctions are also expected to be announced today, including against those who helped Russian President Vladimir Putin grow their wealth and companies who profit from the Kremlin's war machine.

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