Media: During the retreat from Liman, the elite brigade of the Russian GRU suffered serious losses

Media: Russian GRU elite brigade suffered heavy losses during retreat from Liman

Elite Russian military formations took part in the failed defense of Liman, and they suffered serious losses. The BBC writes about this.

Thus, at least nine people were killed and one seriously wounded during the retreat from Liman, the 3rd Guards Special Forces Brigade of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

Such military formations have been sent to the most important military missions since Soviet times, the BBC notes.

«8 people were killed, two were seriously injured. One of them died, one is still alive, but very heavy. The whole group almost died»,— the sister of one of the dead occupiers told the BBC, confirming that the 3rd Special Forces Brigade of the General Staff from Tolyatti had lost the detachment during the retreat from Liman.

«A total of nine people died, two wounded», — said the wife of another deceased.

At the same time, their relatives do not have complete information about the place and circumstances of the death of Russian paratroopers.

This is probably the largest single loss of the 3rd Special Forces Brigade, although it suffered losses from the very beginning of the war in Ukraine: & # 171; Of course, (losses) were, but does anyone tell us about it & # 187;, — said the sister of one of the liquidated invaders.

  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces spoke about the fate of the Russian invaders near Liman.

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