Media: Fuel tanks are burning in occupied Shakhtyorsk | VIDEO

Media: Fuel tanks on fire in occupied Shakhtyorsk | VIDEO

< p> In the occupied Shakhtersk, Donetsk region, a large fire broke out as a result of the ignition of fuels and lubricants. This is reported by the publication «News to Donbas«.

A video of the fire has appeared on the Web. At the same time, pro-Russian militants themselves report a fire as a result of shelling. In particular, it is reported about a large-scale fire near the railway station in Shakhtyorsk. The fire is so strong that a powerful glow can be seen from neighboring cities and villages. The occupying authorities said that a local oil depot was hit.

According to eyewitnesses, the fire started around 21:30 after several explosions near the Postnikovo railway station.

The militants reported the fire of 12 fuel tanks on the railway track and the roof of the railway station. The fire also spread to residential buildings. To extinguish the fire, 10 fire trucks were involved, a fire train from Ilovaisk was sent to the scene.

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