Media: In Kherson, “flew” around the boarding school, where the “chmobiks” were located | A PHOTO

Media: In Kherson,

In the temporarily occupied Kherson, this morning there was an explosion in the building of the boarding school, where the invaders were. This was reported by local journalist Konstantin Ryzhenko.

«In the morning at 4 o'clock, arrival at the boarding school along Kulik. Many Rashist personnel were based there. They even tried to make a fortified area there. However, not destined», — he wrote.

In social networks, they write that mobilized Russians were located in the building of the boarding school.

«They really evicted military personnel from there the day before yesterday, then yesterday stopped in a large number of chmobiki. They spent the night there, then they were supposed to be sent to Snigirevka. They did not reach Snigirevka», — reports telegram channel Nikolaevsky Vanyok.

Media : In Kherson, it “flew” around the boarding school where the “Chmobiks” were located | PHOTO

  • On the night of October 5, the building of the Ninel Hotel was damaged by an explosion in Kherson where the employees of the Russian FSB were based.

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