Media: In the Belgorod region, a military man blew up a grenade on the territory of a military unit, ammunition detonated

Media: In the Belgorod region, a military man detonated a grenade on the territory of a military unit, detonated ammunition< /p>

On January 14, a large-scale fire broke out in a military unit in the Belgorod region. It is reported by «TASS» with reference to emergency services.

According to the agency, ammunition detonation and a fire occurred in a rural house of culture on the Tonenkoe farm in the Belgorod region, 10 servicemen were injured. The dead are not reported, as well as what caused the explosion and fire. There are no official reports about the incident yet.

According to the Baza Telegram channel, the explosion occurred in the building of a rural house of culture, where the Russian military was stationed. One of the servicemen blew up an RGD-5 grenade for reasons not yet established, the explosion detonated ammunition in the building and started a fire. The fire spread over 450 square meters.

According to the Telegram channel «112«, a platoon commander with the rank of senior sergeant blew up a grenade.

According to Baza, 10 people were injured human. Channel «112» writes about 16 injured and 8 missing servicemen.

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