Media: Instead of nuclear, Russia may launch an electromagnetic strike on Ukraine

Media: Instead of a nuclear strike, Russia may launch an electromagnetic strike on Ukraine

< p> The Russian army can resort to use of the electromagnetic weapon for blows on civil and military infrastructure of Ukraine. The Times writes about this.

The corresponding strike may occur due to a low-yield nuclear explosion in space. The explosion generates an electromagnetic pulse that can disable electrical equipment.

Justin Bronk, senior researcher at the British Royal Joint Armaments Institute think tank, notes that Russia has also developed EMP munitions without a nuclear charge, they are in service some special units, and can be delivered using Zircon hypersonic missiles.

The expert believes that the use of this type of weapon will not be considered a significant escalation, and therefore does not carry the risk of a direct clash between Russia and the West. Russian state media this year claimed that conventional EMP munitions had a range of up to 10 km.

As Roger Pardo-Mauer writes in his column, Russia's nuclear threats may actually come down to the use of an electromagnetic pulse . He notes that the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield is unlikely to give an advantage to the Russian army, and EMP could hit a significant part of Ukrainian infrastructure. At the same time, a nuclear EMP strike will inevitably affect the Russian army, which is fighting in Ukraine, as it will also leave it without communications and disable electronics, the expert writes.

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