Media: Near Luhansk found a new mass grave of “Wagnerites”

Media: New Wagnerites mass grave found near Luhansk

A new burial site of people who could have fought in Ukraine as part of the terrorist PMC «Wagner» was found near occupied Lugansk. The BBC Russian Service writes about this.

In early February, residents of Luhansk discovered 42 fresh graves of men at the local cemetery. Residents of the village of Kirovka, which is located next to the cemetery, told the publication that no one visits the graves, and none of the buried were familiar to them.

«We thought, all of a sudden these people are lying here and their families don't even know about it. Here they photographed all the graves, began to distribute them among the search groups for the missing. And now nine people have responded to me. All of them did not even know that their loved ones had died. We were looking for them, waiting for news», — said one of the women who discovered the burial.

BBC journalists managed to find references to 37 men in open sources, whose data match the inscriptions on grave tablets near Lugansk. 35 of them were Russians, one — a citizen of Belarus, another was born in Uzbekistan. The websites of Russian courts posted court verdicts against 20 people who are full namesakes of those buried in Luhansk. All of them were now to serve their sentences in places of deprivation of liberty, the newspaper notes.

According to the BBC, the burial near Luhansk — this is the third cemetery where dozens of graves of Russian prisoners who fought in Ukraine as part of the Wagner PMC are found.

  • RosSMI wrote that the Wagner PMC was on the verge of survival due to for the losses incurred.

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