Media: New people were attracted to the negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, but there is no talk of peace

Media: New people were attracted to the talks between Russia and Ukraine, but there is no talk of peace

Since March 2022, negotiations between Moscow and Kiev have been reduced to the exchange of prisoners and rare informal contacts, Russian businessman Roman Abramovich is involved in them, but recently a number of other figures have joined the process of communication between Ukraine and Russia. It is reported by «Medusa» with reference to sources.

According to the publication, recently another person from Abramovich's circle has joined the negotiation process – the former head of the Moscow Department of Culture, Sergei Kapkov. The oligarch connected Kapkov to the dialogue between Kiev and Moscow, because he considers him a «sane person», who, moreover, is not under sanctions and can move freely around the world.

According to sources, Kapkov participates not only in the organization of the exchange of prisoners, but also in «separate industry things». For example, in the discussion of the parameters of the so-called «grain deal».

The publication notes that when you need to call Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu or Russian dictator Putin, Abramovich calls. And when «there are already established connections, everyone knows everyone» and you need to call some general, then Kapkov does it, since there is little direct communication between the Ukrainian and Russian military.

In addition, it was noted that Abramovich involved his longtime business partner, deputy general director of OOO &# 171;Millhouse» (affiliated with Millhouse LLC, owned and managed by Abramovich) David Davidovich.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, another long-time acquaintance of Abramovich participated in the negotiation process – the chairman of the board of directors of the Skolkovo School of Management, the former head of the Russian presidential administration (in 1999-2003) Alexander Voloshin. He allegedly called up the leader of the «Servant of the People» David Arakhamia, who was part of the official negotiating group from Ukraine.

Another participant in the negotiation process was the Russian-Ukrainian film producer Alexander Rodnyansky, who has a long-term friendship with Abramovich. In an interview in January 2023, Rodnyansky said that on the day of the full-scale Russian invasion, Andriy Yermak, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, called him and offered to connect them with Abramovich, trying «somehow to lead to a peaceful quick solution».

The publication adds that Abramovich still maintains informal contacts with representatives of both sides and «gives all his time to issues related to exchanges».

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