Media: PMC “Wagner” was on the verge of survival

Media: Wagner PMC is on the brink of survival

< p>Russian terrorist PMC «Wagner» was on the verge of survival due to the losses suffered. This is reported by the Russian edition «VChK-OGPU».

«Wagner will have to change his format radically. Previously, the most effective tactics were small assault groups, in fact — successfully applied and militarily reinforced experience of ISIS», — a source told the publication.

He also said that PMCs have no human resources. According to him, «experienced veterans» with serious injuries, they turn into instructors and rear commanders.

«But this system requires replenishment by beginners, in very, very large quantities. You will not return a veteran with a healed spine and with plates in the pelvis to the assault formation»,— source says.

In addition, it was noted that the «Wagnerians» big problems with equipment and ammunition. The publication writes that the Russian General Staff hoped that the «Wagnerites», after fighting with Soledare, would agree to stick to the Russian army, but then a problem arises in the form of the PMC leader Yevgeny Prigozhin himself.

< p>«The rest are already patched-patched, and every day it gets more and more difficult. Wagner just survive», — said in the material.

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