Media: Putin abandoned the idea to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Media: Putin abandoned the idea to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

< p> Russian President Vladimir Putin abandoned the idea of ​​using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. This is reported by the Financial Times, citing two sources close to the Kremlin.

«He has no reason to press the button. What is the point of bombing Ukraine? Let's say you detonated a tactical nuclear bomb in Zaporozhye. Everything is irradiated, you can’t go there, and in general it is supposedly Russia. What's the point?», — said a former Russian official.

Analysts who analyzed Putin's speech to the Federal Assembly also drew attention to the dictator's unwillingness to use nuclear weapons. This, in particular, is expressed in the suspension of the Russian Federation of participation in the START III treaty, as well as Putin's instruction to prepare for nuclear tests.

Interpreting his words, analysts drew attention to the fact that Putin did not threaten the actual use of nuclear weapons. weapons. This may be a sign that the President of the Russian Federation has begun to recognize the limits of the possible use of these weapons.

  • The media reported that during Biden's visit to Kiev, the Russian Federation carried out an unsuccessful launch of the Sarmat nuclear missile.

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