Media reported when Russia could launch another missile strike on Ukraine

Media reported when Russia might launch another missile attack on Ukraine

Russia may launch another massive missile attack on Ukraine on December 22 or 23. This is reported by the UP with reference to its sources in intelligence.

According to sources, Russia will involve all carriers of cruise missiles with a range of 500 km or more available in its armed forces. The total salvo will be at least 67 missiles. In addition, the use of attack drones is not ruled out the next day after the strike.

Intelligence also noted that the Russian invaders are preparing to use at least four «Iskander», from eight to 14 Tu- 95MS, about three carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Caliber» and up to three Tu-22M3 aircraft. There is also information that the Sevastopol seaport in the occupied Crimea restricted the territory of movement of any ships and aircraft from December 23 to 27 due to rocket firing.

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