Media: Russia is going to mobilize 1.2 million Russians

Media: Russia is going to mobilize 1.2 million Russians

< p>As part of «partial mobilization» Russia is going to draft 1.2 million people into the army. It is reported by «Medusa» citing its sources.

A source close to the Moscow leadership said that up to 16,000 people are planned to be mobilized in the Russian capital. This information was confirmed by a source close to one of the federal ministries. About 3,200 people are going to be drafted in St. Petersburg.

One of the sources also said that they “recommended recruiting the minimum” from the regional centers. Thus, the largest number of reservists will be recruited in rural areas, since there «there is no media, opposition» and there is a lot of support for the war.

  • The media have previously reported that a classified clause in Putin's mobilization decree refers to the conscription of a million Russians.

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