Media: The attack of the invaders on the airfield in Gostomel was helped by a “spotter from the people”


Thanks to the help of a civilian spotter, the Ukrainian Defense Forces managed to repel an attack by Russian invaders on the Gostomel airfield «Antonov» in the first days of a full-scale invasion. This is reported by Reporters.

Late in the evening on February 24, Russian troops entered the territory of Ukraine from Belarus on 35 helicopters, Su-25 attack aircraft and a Su-24 bomber. In order to bypass the Ukrainian air defense, Russian air assets flew low over the water along the Kyiv reservoir.

Due to the high intensity of hostilities, the Ukrainian defenders spotted the Russian paratroopers too late – literally on the way to the «Antonov» airfield. The publication will draw attention to the fact that, unlike the infantry, the Russians in helicopters, attack aircraft and bombers were trained paratroopers, whose task was to quickly equip a bridgehead for the future occupation of the Kiev region and the capital itself.

According to the publication, with In order to prevent the plans of the occupiers, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to urgently look for a person among the residents of Gostomel who could correct the fire of Ukrainian military personnel. Colonel Alexei Noskov, an assistant to Valery Zaluzhny, found such a person. Gostomel became a man named Ruslan. He directed and corrected our artillery by voice messages in real time in one of the online messengers. Everything that Ruslan passed on to the military turned out to be 100% true. In particular, thanks to the men's & # 171; 50 meters to the left & # 187; and «boys, handsome, you hit, I see smoke» airfield «Antonov» managed to keep», — the article says.

  • The colonel of the National Guard of Ukraine said that no one warned the defenders of Gostomel about the impending attack by the Russians.

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