Media: The balance was not poisoned, he is removed from his post for theft | VIDEO

Media: The balance was not poisoned, he was removed from office for theft | VIDEO

Collaborator Vladimir Saldo, who was appointed head of the “military-civilian administration” of the Kherson region, will no longer be at the head of the occupied region. This was reported by the We Can Explain Telegram channel, citing a source in the Russian government familiar with the situation.

“Balance was not in a coma, this is a cover. He stole, after which he was actually dismissed from the post of head of the administration of the Kherson region, ”says the source of the journalists.

According to him, they cannot officially charge Balance, since money comes to the region from Moscow in cash. The source added that his deputy in the occupation administration, Yekaterina Gubareva, is being considered as Saldo's successor.

The media began to circulate reports of Saldo's death the day before. After that, the official posted a video in which he stated that for some time he “was in the care of very serious doctors to improve his health.”

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  • In early August, Saldo announced that he was in the hospital, and he was transferring his powers to acting Sergey Eliseev.
  • According to propaganda media, Saldo was in a state of medically induced coma. He was allegedly poisoned.
  • The assets of the company Saldo, worth more than UAH 6 million, were arrested in the Zhytomyr region.
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