Media: The engine of the Russian MiG caught fire again while flying in Belarus

Media: Russian MiG engine caught fire again while flying in Belarus

During a flight over the city of Molodechno in Belarus, the engine of a Russian MiG-31K (RF-95194) fighter caught fire. This was reported by the monitoring group «Belarusian Gayun».

At around 11:00 (Minsk time), residents of the Molodechno district (Minsk region) heard a strong explosion in the sky, many wrote that it windows shook in houses, both in Molodechno itself and in the suburbs.

At the same time, one of the two engines caught fire over the Molodechno region near the MiG-31K fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces (RF-95194), which was accompanied by the sound of an explosion – in fact, it was the sound of an engine surge after ignition.

It is noted that as a result of the incident, the fighter was forced to urgently end the flight and return to the airfield & # 171; Machulishchi & # 187;. According to the monitoring group, the engine fire occurred precisely in the MiG-31K, which was on fire on December 25, 2022, while trying to take off from the airfield in Machulishchi.

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