Media: The son of an FSB general wanted to become a “deputy governor” in Ukraine, but fled in disgrace

Media: FSB general's son wanted to become 'deputy governor' in Ukraine, but fled in disgrace

The son of a high-ranking general of the FSB of the Russian Federation went to Ukraine to become «deputy governor» occupied area, and left in disgrace – having escaped during a drunken shootout with his own. The Russian publication «Important Stories» writes about this.

As the publication recalls, in June, a shootout took place in the Food.Topi cafe, located on the Dnieper embankment in occupied Kherson. Two FSB officers and one contract soldier of the Russian army were killed. Another officer of the FSB of the Russian Federation and a military man of the Russian Ministry of Defense were seriously injured.

Only one person was not injured in this conflict – an FSB officer who escaped from the restaurant, whose name the occupiers tried to hide.

Two sources « Important Stories” in the FSB, familiar with the details of the Kherson shootout, called the name of “this secret man.” It turned out to be Evgeny Tikhonov, the son of the famous FSB Colonel General Alexander Tikhonov.

From 1998 to September of this year, that is, for almost 25 years, Tikhonov Sr. headed the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of the Russian Federation. The TsSN was created on the basis of the Alfa and Vympel special forces units. For many years, Tikhonov remained one of the most closed and influential generals of the FSB. In September of this year, he was dismissed from military service upon reaching the age limit. This happened just a couple of months after a drunken shootout in Kherson, but the sources of the publication insist: Tikhonov was going to leave even before this news.

According to an FSB officer familiar with the situation, Tikhonov Jr. went to Ukraine “to become Deputy Governor of the Nikolaev region. On the recommendation of the pope.

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