Media: The widows of the occupiers from the Donbass after filming took away the donated fur coats | VIDEO

Media: The widows of the occupiers from Donbas were taken away the donated fur coats after filming | VIDEO

The wives of the fallen soldiers from Donbass, who fought on the side of the invaders, were left without fur coats, which they were allegedly given — the fur was taken away after filming a video with gratitude. This was reported by Meduza.

After the publication of the video, the movement «Feminist Anti-War Resistance» contacted one of the women who starred in the video. She stated that her and at least three other women's fur coats were taken away immediately after the recording.

According to her, at first the widows were told that the fur coats were of poor quality, promising to issue new ones soon. However, after numerous calls to the organizer of the distribution, the women were told that there was a mistake and the fur coats were intended for other people.

Women were informed about the distribution of fur coats at work, promising expensive gifts from Moscow if they starred in the video. At the same time, it is clarified that often widows in such photos and videos turn out to be fake.

«This often happens, something is brought from Moscow and filmed, we are always grateful», & #8212; said the interlocutor of the movement.

However, she did not specify how many real widows were invited to distribute fur coats.

  • Girkin's friend donated worn fur coats to the widows of the “heroes of Novorossiya”.

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