Media: Ukraine used modified Soviet drones to strike airfields in Russia

Media: Ukraine used modified Soviet drones to strike Russian airfields

Ukraine attacked two Russian air bases on December 5 with modified Soviet Tu-141 «Strizh» drones. This is reported by Politico, citing informed sources.

The publication notes that the use of modified operational-tactical reconnaissance drones Tu-141 demonstrates the ability of the Ukrainian defense industry to innovate, even if Russia buys cheap Iranian drones.


A source in the Ukrainian government noted that surprise was a key success factor, and Russia simply «didn't expect anything like that».

For several months «Ukroboronoprom&# 187; announced work on a program to create drones with a range of about a thousand km, but did not disclose the details of the project. In October, the company posted on Facebook that it was «putting the finishing touches».

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