Media: Ukraine warned the West that soon it will not be able to repair the networks after the shelling of Russia

Media: Ukraine has warned the West that it will soon be unable to repair networks after shelling Russia< /p>

The government of Ukraine has warned its Western allies that due to the massive rocket attacks on critical infrastructure by Russia, Kyiv lacks spare parts to return heat and electricity to its citizens. Politico writes about this, citing two representatives of Congress and one unnamed Western official informed about US intelligence data.

According to sources, in recent days, representatives of Ukraine have asked their American partners and more than a dozen European countries for help with preparing for a long period of limited access to electricity and gas. For example, Kyiv expects combat capabilities to become more difficult and civilians to be relocated.

To repair damaged energy infrastructure, Ukraine needs key components such as generators, pipes and valves. Now the Ukrainian side is trying to repair the damaged infrastructure, but fears that if Russia continues its attacks, it will become almost impossible to maintain the operation of critical networks.

In a commentary to the publication, Ukrainian officials said that the instability of the energy sector would have deadly consequences. In particular, food production and transport operations may stop.

  • On November 15, the Russians fired more than 90 missiles on the territory of Ukraine, of which the air defense shot down 70.
  • On November 17, the invaders launched another missile strike.

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