Media: Ukraine's losses from downed drones “significantly exceed Russia's costs” on them

Media: Ukraine's losses from downed drones

The cost for Ukraine to shoot down the Iranian kamikaze drones that the Russians are bombarding its cities with is much higher than the funds spent by Russia on their supply and launches. «The Guardian» writes about this.

According to the publication's calculations, in just the last month, Ukrainian air defense systems shot down 161 «Shahed-136» drones, one larger &# 171;Shahed-129» and four larger unmanned attack vehicles known as the «Mohajer-6».

«With the price of Iranian Shahed-136 drones ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 euros per unit, the total cost of failed drone attacks carried out by Russia against Ukraine in recent weeks is estimated by NGO military analysts & #171;Molfar», is from 11.6 US dollars (10.36 million pounds) to 17.9 million US dollars (15.9 million pounds),” the publication writes.

Ukraine has deployed a range of weapons to shoot down drones, including MiG-29 aircraft, S-300 cruise missiles, NASAMS ground defense systems, and small arms.

According to an analysis based on open sources, the estimated cost to Ukraine is more than $28.14m (£25m). The data includes drones launched between September 13 and October 17.

This highlights the low financial cost for Russia of drone attacks that terrorize and kill civilians in Ukraine and damage the country's energy infrastructure.

Executive Director of «Molfar» Artem Starosek said that the use of drones should still be seen as a sign of Moscow's weakness.

«Russia is losing this war. If they order drones from Iran, it means they don’t have their own weapons,” he said.

At the same time, according to Starosek, a new batch of Iranian drones &# 171;already on the way».

British intelligence reported on October 6 that about 60% of the Iranian drones of the Russian Federation were destroyed by the Ukrainians in the air.

Company data «Molfar& #187; testify that up to 80% of the 208 «Shahedov-136», launched before October 17, were shot down. About 70% of the drones were launched during daylight hours until noon.

  • On October 20, the EU Council approved sanctions against Iran by written procedure for supplying drones to Russia for strikes against Ukraine.

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