Media: Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated two more villages in the Kherson region | PHOTO | VIDEO

Media: APU liberated two more villages in Kherson region | PHOTO | VIDEO

Ukrainian defenders liberated the villages of Pravdino and Kalinovskoe in the Kherson region. It is reported by «Ukrainska Pravda» with reference to sources.

Sources «UP» confirmed that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered Pravdino. The Russians left it on the night of November 8-9. Before that, there were heavy battles. The Kalinovskoye Armed Forces were released on Wednesday afternoon.

Media: APU was released again two villages in the Kherson region | PHOTO | VIDEO

There is no official information about the new liberated settlements yet, but Ukrainian Telegram channels publish videos with Ukrainian soldiers from Pravdino and Kalinouski. The Ukrainian flag has already been raised in Kalinouski.

  • Today, Shoigu and Surovikin reported that they had instructed the Russian military to begin withdrawing troops from Kherson to the left bank of the Dnieper.
  • The President's office reacted to the “withdrawal” of Russian troops from Kherson.
  • Russian troops are digging in in the Kherson region and Crimea: satellite images.

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