Media: US confirms use of Chinese munitions in Ukraine

The US has confirmed that Chinese munitions have been used on the battlefields in Ukraine and suspect they were fired by Russian forces. This was reported by the Japanese edition of Kyodo News, citing government sources.

According to sources, the US government determined that the ammunition found in Ukraine was produced in China, after analyzing their composition and other factors. However, they do not disclose what kind of munitions were found.

Whether these munitions were supplied by China remains unclear, US administration sources said, adding that Washington is ready to take action if it is confirmed that Beijing has carried out these shipments.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the United States notified some of its partners.

The confirmation came at a time when Chinese leader Xi Jinping plans to go to Moscow on a three-day state visit next this week.

On his first trip to Russia since its invasion of Ukraine last February, Xi is expected to reaffirm close ties to Russian President Putin.

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