Media: US transmits coordinates to APU for precise HIMARS missile strikes

Media: U.S. transmits coordinates for HIMARS precision missile strikes to UAF

< p> The Ukrainian military almost never launches missile strikes against the enemy from HIMARS and other high-precision installations without detailed coordinates provided by the US military, which is based in Europe. The Washington Post writes about this, citing sources in Ukraine and the United States.

The publication became aware of the transfer of coordinates after the Armed Forces of Ukraine had been attacking Russian positions for several months, including headquarters, ammunition depots and barracks, with the help of HIMARS artillery missile systems and other types of precision weapons.

According to the Ukrainian source, the coordination of strikes with the US military should convince Washington to provide Kyiv with long-range precision weapons. Another Ukrainian interlocutor of the publication described the process of preparing strikes: Ukrainian military personnel determine the targets they want to hit, this information is sent to senior commanders, who transmit the request to American partners for more accurate coordinates.

A high-ranking American official explained that providing coordinates ensures the accuracy of the use of weapons and helps save ammunition.

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