Media: Wagner pedophile killed near Bakhmut | PHOTO

Media: Wagner pedophile killed near Bakhmut | PHOTO

Ukrainian military eliminated near Bakhmut a pedophile from PMC «Wagner» Artem Reshetnikov, who was convicted in Russia for corrupting children. UNIAN writes about this with reference to a public page associated with the «Wagnerites».

It is noted that together with the pedophile Reshetnikov «they minus» another mercenary, Ivan Gudkov.

Media: A pedophile was destroyed near Bakhmut from Wagner | PHOTO

In April 2018, RosSMI wrote that Reshetnikov was imprisoned for 15 years for corrupting children in a children's camp. According to the materials of the investigation, Reshetnikov got a job in one of the children's camps and corrupted children for 6 years. His crimes were exposed by accident, when at night the caregivers missed one child. He was found in Reshetnikov's room. The child described in detail what happened behind the closed doors of the pedophile's room.

 Media: Wagner pedophile killed near Bakhmut | PHOTOS #187;.</li>
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