Merkel is ready to become a mediator in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

Merkel is ready to mediate in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she could mediate in a peaceful settlement of the war in Ukraine, started by Russia, led by dictator Putin. She spoke about this in an interview with Redaktions Netzwerk Deutschland (RND).

According to her, before leaving politics in 2021, she tried to prevent the Ukrainian crisis, but did not succeed in this matter.


– Putin was no longer ready for Normandy format summits. And I have not been successful in creating an additional discussion format for Russia and Europe on the European security order in parallel with the Normandy format,” Merkel said.

At the same time, she does not believe that the Kremlin expected her leaving the post of German chancellor to start a full-scale war in Ukraine.

Earlier, Merkel said that information about the preparation of the Russian Federation for a war in Ukraine came from the US intelligence services in October 2021. At the same time, the Norman format did not work for a year

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