Michael Kiske on the decline in value of music

Michael Kiske on the decline in value of music

Helloween singer Michael Kiske is currently speaking The Metal Barracks on a topic that has occupied the entire music world in recent years. “The music industry is pretty devastated in terms of record production. And we should regain this art form “, so Kiske. “We have to rethink everything. Because if records are supposed to be cheap, they are not as good as they could be if they were funded by the people who buy them.

The younger generation grew up thinking that everything is free on the internet. But everything has to be financed somehow. And if you want quality, you have to pay for it. That’s why the earlier type of album production has to come back. When I grew up there was a thriving musical culture. Back in the 1970s, 1980s, you could produce any style of music anywhere in the world with big budgets and everything related to it.

But because of the internet and the fact that people didn’t give a shit about the fact that producing music also costs money, it all died out. Many bands broke up, the whole scene has shrunk. In order to make any money as a band, you have to work your ass off. I just want to believe that we can turn it all around again. “

Buy Helloween instead of renting

The Helloween singer admits that he also uses Spotify, but only to discover new music. “I don’t like renting songs. When I find something I like, I see if it is on CD. And if so, I’ll buy the album. I want to own it, not rent it. Because if Spotify should suddenly be gone, I would no longer have any music.

You have to make it clear to people again that an album production has value “, Kiske continues. “Besides, it’s not just bands and musicians who are affected, but also all the people who work in the music industry. People lose their jobs. It’s getting worse and worse. “ The Helloween singer calls for thought, but is optimistic.

“I believe that we can turn that around if we make people aware of it. We all love music. We want music. I want records and big productions. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to implement this with our new Helloween album. But not everyone has the opportunity to do so. It has to get into people’s minds, they have to learn to understand it. It’s possible in the metal scene. And if it succeeds there, the rest may follow suit. “

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In order to stir up the anticipation, we deliver full service for Helloween a few days before the release (June 18, 2021) of the eagerly awaited album. In our big cover story of the June issue of METAL HAMMER, Michael Weikath, Sascha Gerstner and Kai Hansen, three representatives of different band phases, talk about the genesis and the musical and thematic backgrounds of HELLOWEEN. In addition, Dani Löble, Charlie Bauerfeind and Eliran Kantor contribute their views on the opus. METAL HAMMER also welcomed Helloween returnees Kai Hansen in the podcast talk.

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