Milan to read 2021 turns yellow | Milan news

Milan to read 2021 turns yellow | Milan news

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Today, the sixth edition of “Milan to read”, the initiative for the promotion of reading organized by the Libraries Area of ​​the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Atm dedicated to crime, starts today.

Until June 30, every Wednesday, by framing the Qrcode present on the posters of the initiative, it will be possible to download a thriller in ebook format which, for the 2021 edition, a thriller or a noir set in Milan.
Alternatively, the books will also be downloadable from the initiative’s website

The protagonists of this 2021 edition are:
– “The brotherhood of bones” by Paolo Roversi: Enrico Radeschi, crime reporter and hacker who runs around Milan on a yellow Vespa from 1974, on his first adventure in crime set at the beginning of the 2000s;

– “Nero a Milano” by Romano De Marco (April 28): is the third novel in the series that sees the couple formed by the private investigator in action Marco Tanzi and by the commissioner Luca Betti, great friends and former colleagues;

– “The queen of tar” by Emilio Martini, pseudonym chosen by the sisters Elena and Michela Martignoni (May 5): the commissioner Gigi Berté he is the only one who has not investigated in Milan, at least not anymore, since he was transferred to a corner of Liguria where he is grappling with his first investigation;

– “This is not a love song” by Alessandro Robecchi (May 12): Carlo Monterossi, the successful author of a trash TV program, stumbles upon his first adventure in detective stories in a Milan full of contrasts, from places of luxury to places of discomfort;

– “The closed room” by Deborah Brizzi (May 19): introduces the first female lead Norma Gigli, deputy inspector of the Flying Squad engaged in the heart of Brera;

– “Civil death of a manager” of Alessandro Bastasi (May 26): the story of the rise and equally rapid descent of a brilliant manager, Massimo Gerosa, at the time of an economic crisis;

“Women who hate flowers” ​​by Paola Sironi (June 2): Annalisa Consolati, a thoroughbred Milanese, is a police inspector of the Milan Police Headquarters who works in the department that deals with investigations with organizational problems among the police forces;

– “It’s not time to die” by Leonardo Gori (June 9): Bruno Arcieri, who usually acts in Florence, accepts the invitation to go to Milan to investigate the disappearance of a man given up for dead;

– “Ultimo tango all’Ortica” by Rosa Teruzzi (June 16): brings back to the stage Free Cairati, the florist-detective of Giambellino;

– “The shadow of the champion” by Luca Crovi (June 23): the commissioner Carlo De Vincenzi, character born from the pen of Augusto De Angelis, brings the reader back to the Milan of the 1920s.

Furthermore, again until June 30th, 3 other ebooks will be available from the Sormani library: the unpublished “Damn machine, damn night. The boys next door ”by Maria Alberta Scuderi, followed by “Tutti sul filo” by Nicoletta Bellotti and “The investigation of Via Rapallo” by Raffaele Crovi.

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