Militants from the “LDNR” were worse than the Russians: In Izium, local residents spoke about the atrocities of the invaders | PHOTO | VIDEO

Militants from «LDNR» were worse than Russians: In Izyum, local residents spoke about atrocities invaders | PHOTO | VIDEO

Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky showed a report from the liberated city of Izyum, Kharkiv region. He talked with a local resident, who spoke about the atrocities of the invaders, in particular from the «LDNR» groups. Kazansky published the corresponding video on his YouTube channel.

“The destruction in the city is very serious. In the Kyiv region, Russian fiends staged a similar nightmare in Borodyanka. But the scale of damage in Izyum is even greater”, — noted the journalist.

He showed destroyed residential buildings and various buildings, including shops, a bus station, a shopping center, a school, and more. There is not a single undamaged building in the city center. The occupiers also engaged in vandalism, painting walls with obscene language.

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There were shell craters on the road. A sunflower even managed to grow in one of the funnels.

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Local residents spoke about the horrors they had to endure during the occupation. According to a resident of Izyum, it was not so much the Russians who distinguished themselves with special atrocities, but the militants from «LDNR». They looted everything they saw, from cars to old frying pans and women's underwear.

“They were at every post (militants of the LDNR,” ed.). We only drive 200 meters across the river: post, post, post. And these people robbed, broke into garages. They stole bicycles, cars, conservation. Everything that could be stolen. They walked around the yards, kicked out the scrotums with their feet, forced them to be open during the day, because: “We go in and what we want & # 8212; take”, — the woman said.

She added that the invaders beat people and raped women. In particular, the militants found a disabled veteran of the ATO, who was severely beaten.

“One (the veteran of the ATO – ed.) was not at home, so they shot the whole yard, took the car from the garage. They stole everything: cups, spoons, carpets, underpants… They took everything”, — a local resident complains.

At the same time, militants of the «LDNR» went to the outskirts of the city so as not to catch the eye of the Russian military, who «oppressed them, did not consider them to be people».

  • A mass grave of 440 bodies was discovered in the liberated Izyum.

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