Military expert assessed the threat of destruction of the Patriot air defense system

Military expert assessed the threat of destruction of the Patriot air defense system

Military political columnist for the group «Information resistance» Alexander Kovalenko believes that the threat of destruction of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems is possible. This is reported by the FREEDOM TV channel.

«If they manage to destroy the Patriot, they will remember for several generations how Russian missiles, which have no analogues in the world, destroyed this completely backward and useless Patriot air defense system . However, they will really try to destroy it,” the expert is sure.

Kovalenko believes that the invaders can send 70-80 missiles to the area where the Patriot system could theoretically be placed. In his opinion, such a number of missiles can break through the Ukrainian air defense, so the risks are high.

«The threat is real. Will the Russians be able to make it a reality? Let's just say they try. But let me remind you that after HIMARS appeared in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they also gave up all their efforts to destroy these complexes, staged a real hunt. What is the result? So far, not a single HIMARS has been destroyed. Although we are well aware that this is a full-scale war and losses in technology, even the most modern, they are inevitable», the expert summed up.

  • The United States has officially allocated $1.85 billion to Ukraine military assistance. It will include, among other things, Patriot systems.
  • Putin has threatened to “click” the Patriot that the United States will provide to Ukraine.

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