Military expert from Switzerland predicted the end of the war by October

Military expert, employee of the military academy of the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich Markus Koipp believes that the war in Ukraine may end by October due to the fact that Russia will not be able to replenish stocks of weapons. He stated this in an interview with T-Online, writes «Agency».

“The war will probably end in October. I come to this conclusion on the basis of simple calculations, correlating the stocks of tanks and other military equipment in Russia before the war with losses. I also got the impression that Russian stockpiles are grossly overestimated: a lot of the weapons are from the 1950s and 1960s, which looks good on paper but has no practical value,” Kuipp said.

The expert believes that the Ukrainian leadership is doing the right thing by continuing to defend Bakhmut. In his opinion, the battles for the city bind a large number of Russian troops, while due to the fighting, Ukraine manages to maintain its reserves necessary for a future offensive. In addition, Koipp believes that the more Kyiv emphasizes the importance of Bakhmut, the more persistently the Russian side wants to conquer him. “Russia is falling for the trick,” the analyst said.

“At the moment, Russian losses are about six times higher than those of Ukraine. If these relations change in favor of the Russian side, then the Ukrainian troops will retreat,” said Koipp.

He emphasizes that high losses near Bakhmut and Vuhledar bring Russia’s defeat closer.

According to the analyst, Russia does not have the opportunity to go all-in on any one sector of the front. “I don't think it's likely. Russia is a big Potemkin village that has successfully deceived the West into believing in its strength and power,” he said.

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