Milli: Ukraine will not surrender Bakhmut

Milli: Ukraine won't surrender Bakhmut

Head of the United Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley calls the battle in the Bakhmut area the most extensive in terms of losses as of now and predicts that Ukrainian forces will not retreat from the city. He said this at a press conference on Tuesday following the meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine, reports «European Truth«.

«The most dynamic shift of the front line in both directions as a whole takes place in the Bakhmut area. Ukrainians are changing, they are fighting on the defensive; the Russians, primarily the Wagner group, are attacking. I would describe it as a very protracted battle of attrition with very high casualties, especially on the Russian side», — noted Milli.

The American general added that the battle for Bakhmut takes place without «cunning maneuvers», it is «just a series of attacks, a lot of artillery fire with an extremely high level losses in this particular area».

«How long will this continue — hard to say. This has been going on for weeks now and I believe it will continue as long as the Russians can continue (battle — ed.). I don't think that the Ukrainians will just break down and lose, they will continue to fight», — Millie said.

He added that the US would make sure that Ukraine had enough funds to continue on the battlefield.

  • According to WP, Washington and Kiev disagreed on Bakhmut, Crimea and the prospects for further war.

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