Millionaire and ex-cop found not guilty of perjury

Millionaire and ex-policeman found not guilty of perjury

Ken Carter (left) and Steve Walton were charged with lying under oath during a family court hearing in connection with custody of Ken Carter's child.

An Alberta Court of Queen's Bench judge acquitted businessman Ken Carter and retired police officer Steve Walton six years after perjury charges were filed against the two men.

They were accused of lying under oath about their business relationship in family court in 2014.

During the three-hour reading of the ruling on Friday, the judge David Labrenz said he had a reasonable doubt whether Ken Carter and Steve Walton had lied.

In 2012 and 2013, millionaire Ken Carter paid nearly a million dollars to retired police officer Steve Walton and his wife, Heather Walton, who ran an unlicensed private detective business.

He had hired them to put pressure on his ex-wife, Akele Taylor, to force her to give up custody of their daughter.

During At a hearing before a family court judge, Ken Carter allegedly denied any involvement in Ms. Taylor's surveillance, while Mr. Walton allegedly testified that Mr. Carter was not involved in the investigation of the investigation. x27;private investigation he conducted. This led to the perjury charges for which both men were found not guilty.

Ken Carter was however found guilty of stalking his ex-wife and sentenced to three years in prison. He appealed against this conviction.

The Walton couple as well as former police officers employed by their private detective company were also found guilty in connection with the harassment of Akele Taylor .

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