Miss France 2021: Lou-Anne Lorphelin privileged? Sylvie Tellier explains herself before the big night

Among the 29 candidates for the election of Miss France 2021 is the little sister of a former beauty queen. Lou-Anne Lorphelin, who represents Burgundy and has benefited from the precious advice of her sister Marine Lorphelin (Miss France 2013), is she advantaged? Sylvie Tellier makes a point.
Saturday December 19, 2020, Clémence Botino will give up her Miss France scarf to our new beauty queen. They are 29 candidates to hope to represent the French woman. And among the regional Misses in the running, one of them is not unknown. Lou-Anne Lorphelin , Miss Bourgogne, is the younger sister of Marine Lorphelin , Miss France 2013! But Sylvie Tellier warns, no preferential treatment!

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Our colleagues from TV Mag followed the preparations in Versailles – Covid-19 requires, no long trip this year – for the election of Miss France 2021, which will be held in Puy-du-fou. And behind the scenes, the director general of the committee made a point of making an update on Lou-Anne Lorphelin . ” I gathered them to warn them that the fact that Lou-Anne was Marine Lorphelin’s sister did not change anything and that it was a Miss like any other “, she confides.

An update necessary to reassure the competitors of this business school student. And this is not the first time that Sylvie Tellier has faced candidates whose relatives are known. In 2008, Sarah Barzyk stood for election. She is none other than the daughter of Patricia Barzyk, Miss France 1980 and first runner-up of Miss World the same year. More recently, in 2018, it was Annabelle Varane , the sister of French footballer and world champion Raphaël Varane, who was trying to win the crown of Miss France. Finally, neither of them had been elected Miss France.

For his part, Lou-Anne Lorphelin also spoke, always to our colleagues from TV Mag . The young beauty queen explains that she is aware of being the second Lorphelin to try her luck. ” I wanted it to be a personal decision. I needed to be sure of myself, ” she says . ” With my last name, I knew what to expect from a media point of view when it came to criticism. on my legitimacy. I’m expected at the turn , but, at 23, I have perspective on things . ” It remains to be seen if, like her sister, she will be crowned Miss France …

See you at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 on Saturday, December 19, 2020 to follow the election of Miss France 2021.

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