Miss France 2021, the election rigged? A Miss denounces: “Everything seemed calculated”

Cheating in Miss France? Certainly not. But favoritism, perhaps, according to one of the twenty-nine candidates for the election of Miss France 2021, of which Amandine Petit (Miss Normandy) emerged as the winner. In interview, a young beauty queen, disappointed, delivers her feelings.
Saturday 19 December 2020, Amandine Petit was crowned Miss France 2021 in front of more than 8.6 million viewers. The pretty blonde with blue eyes who represented Normandy made her dream come true. But they were 29 to claim the title and, inevitably, some are disappointed. This is the case ofGwenegann Saillard, Miss Champagne-Ardenne , who talks to our colleagues inThe East flash and balance on the wings of Miss France.

” This adventure, I lived it from the inside. Very quickly, I could see that the candidates are not on an equal footing. It all depends on the region they represent. The impression – shared by many – is that the girls who depend on a ‘small’ committee are reduced to a role of figuration . This is true for Champagne-Ardenne but also for Auvergne or Limousin, which we do not care , launches the pretty brunette. On the other hand, other candidates are favored – girls from the North and the South. On several occasions, I had the feeling of being sidelined. Suddenly, I had several slack, blues . ”

Gwenegann Saillard confirmed her doubts by watching election night with her parents. ” Clearly, some girls have great ‘visibility’ ; others have none , she regrets. I always appear on the far left or the far right of the screen. . At one point, I am even placed near the emergency staircase! (…) I can hardly be seen in the image while other candidates are put forward. “Even more, the beauty queen of 21 years old evokes differences of treatment, in particular during the setting in beauty. ” Some were styled and made up by the ‘chefs’, the others by apprentices, ” says the one who thinks that “The election therefore seems oriented. It is wrong to say that it is played the same evening . ”

She is convinced of it: everything is rigged. Even before the big night, a rumor would have panicked the girls backstage. ” She said that this year, the Miss France committee wanted to end the competition with a face-to-face meeting between two blondes with blue eyes , remembers Gwenegann Saillard. You will notice that there are no candidates from France d ‘overseas in the five finalists … “Disappointed and hurt, she asked Sylvie Tellier for explanations and has since” had no return “.

Words that contrast with those made by Lara Gautier, Miss Côte d’Azur arrived second runner-up to Miss France, who congratulates herself in the columns ofNice morning of this ” super promo “. ” The atmosphere between all the candidates was top (…). Healthy girls, no competition. In any case, no clan “, she says.

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