Miss France 2021: This Miss and member of the jury who married a billionaire …

In November 2020, Mareva Georges (Miss France in 1991) gave an interview to the magazine “Gala”. Now 51, the former beauty queen has recounted her life since her election.
It was December 30, 1990 when Mareva Georges was crowned Miss France, succeeding the late Gaëlle Voiry, who died in 2019 . It must be said that the Tahitian has it in her blood. Seventeen years before her coronation, her aunt Edna Tepava was elected Miss France 1974. A lineage that then continued with the election of Vaimalama Chaves in 2019, the cousin of Mareva Georges. Years after her election, Miss France 1991 gave a short interview to Gala , on the occasion of her special Miss France issue celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the contest.(released November 11, 2020). And the one who is part of the jury for the election this year remembered this moment unlike any other which allowed her to meet the man who shares his life.

“ After the election, I went to New York to work as a model for the Metropolitan agency. I was 21 and I quickly realized that this job was not in keeping with my character: you have to have teeth scratching the floor and not hesitating to crush others. I am a little shy, a little reserved … “, remembered the former beauty queen, now 51 years old.

At the time, her career took off and she paraded for the greatest. Projects that allow him to meet the man of his life. ” I then settled in Los Angeles, where I still live to take care of tourism and the promotion of the islands of Tahiti in the United States, where I come from. It is also in Los Angeles that I met my husband, Paul Marciano, ”she says. Owner and creator-designer of the Guess brand , co-founded with his brother in 1981, he was a billionaire when his company was at its most prosperous . Its wealth has since been devalued. Together, they welcomed two children: a boy and a girl.

Paul Marciano’s reputation took a hit when supermodel Kate Upton accused the man of sexual harassment in 2018. She explained that she was assaulted by the businessman during a photoshoot with photographer Yu Tsai, in July 2010. Times , she told how he insulted the ” big pig” and how he had “forcibly kissed ” touching “a very dominant and aggressive manner” .

At Gala , Mareva Georges explains precisely the fight against sexual violence. ” J ‘have created my foundation against sexual and domestic violence in Tahiti, with a prevention program in high schools. If I feel pretty French or American? Basically, I am above all Tahitian !” Has t- she concludes.

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