Miss France 2021: Which Miss arrived 1st in the general culture test?

The time for the Miss France 2021 election is fast approaching and one of the candidates is already starting to stand out, it is Lou-Anne Lorphelin, Miss Burgundy. She was the one who got the best mark in the general knowledge test.
The results were eagerly awaited. This Tuesday, December 8, 2020, Sylvie Tellier revealed who was the regional Miss who had shone the most during the general culture test , which took place a week ago exactly. History, current events, Literature … the 29 candidates had 30 minutes to answer 40 questions, each one more varied than the next and whose answers were worth 0.5 points each.

At the end of the exam, it was finally Lou-Anne Lorphelin , Miss Burgundy , who won first place. The little sister of Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin , obtained a nice average of 17.5 / 20 . A great relief for the 23-year-old young woman, a business school and work-study student at L’Oréal. ” It’s finally passed! I am very happy and I hope that my general culture teachers in my preparatory class will be proud of me “, she told TV Mag . It must be said that Lou-Anne Lorphelin knows only too well what impact the results of this test can have on the rest of his adventure. ” C ‘it shows the French the image of a pretty woman but also thoughtful , intelligent, with ideas and able to hold a conversation on various subjects. I am therefore very happy to have done well , ”she said.

In second and third place, tied, are Lara Gautier , Miss Côte d’Azur, and Gwenegann Saillard , Miss Champagne Ardenne, who stand out with the average of 15/20.

If the traditional general culture test is not eliminatory, the organization Miss France does not hide that a note below the average can thwart the chances of a candidate to integrate the future Top 15 the evening of ceremony. Conversely, the one who obtains the best average has a great chance of reaching the final, or even of being elected Miss France. The last crownings of beauty queens prove it. In 2020 it was Clémence Botino who won the test before being elected , in 2016 it was Iris Mittenaere , in 2013 Marine Lorphelin and in 2011 Laury Thilleman . Will Lou-Anne Lorphelin join this list? Answer on December 19th …

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