Mobilized from the Russian Federation in the Luhansk region complained that they came under fire from their own | VIDEO

Mobilized from Russia in Luhansk region complained that they came under fire from their own | VIDEO< /p>

Russian conscripts in the village of Makiivka, Luhansk region, complained that the 80th air assault brigade of the Russian Federation defeated the Russian rifle battalion No. 1823. They talked about this on the video, reports «Censor.NET«.

& # 171; Tells Vladimir Gurin and his comrades from battalion No. 1823, formed in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Region. The 15th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the 2nd Taman Division is based in Serpukhov. Combat — lieutenant colonel Teslya, callsign Tochka», — specified journalist Yuri Butusov.

On November 7, at night, a battalion of Russians was transferred to the outskirts of Makeevka. The invaders claim that they came under fire not only from units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also from their own troops. During the fighting in Makeevka, the commander of the 2nd company, deputy commander for political affairs, deputy commander of the 4th platoon of the 2nd company went missing. The Russian military claims that the battalion commander and other commanders abandoned them immediately after the shelling began.

« front», — added by Butusov.

  • On November 17, a video appeared on the Web with the alleged “execution of Russian prisoners of war” . The Office of the Prosecutor General responded.
  • The Lugansk Regional Prosecutor's Office opened proceedings against the invaders who opened fire in Makeyevka for treachery.

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