Mobilized Russian after one day of training was sent to the front line near Kremennaya

After one day of training, a mobilized Russian was sent to the front line near Kremennaya

< p> The wife of a mobilized Russian from Lipetsk, Tatyana Dotsenko, said that her husband, after one day of training, was sent to the front line near Kremennaya. Mediazona writes about this.

The 45-year-old private was handed the summons on September 22, after which he was taken to the Belgorod region. He was sent to the war in Ukraine after one day of training, without a medical examination. First, the private ended up in Liman, where he “miraculously survived,” says Dotsenko. Now it is located next to Kremennaya.

“Somewhere in the forest, they are on the first line, where it’s hot. There is no supply, they themselves go six kilometers for food and water, on foot. Nobody comes there – neither volunteers, nobody, because they are afraid. They bomb all the time, day and night,” says Tatyana, who yesterday managed to get on the phone with her husband.

“He asks me how many mobilized were sent? When will they be changed? In three months, or until the end of the war? He says it's impossible to survive there. I'm just horrified. How to help him? A lot of wounded and killed. They ship them every day. It rains constantly. When they fled from Liman, they abandoned everything that they were given, no medicines, no warm clothes. They sleep on the ground, mine is in rubber boots, my feet freeze especially, it’s very cold at night, ”she says.

The Russian woman also said that she talked with relatives of other mobilized on September 22 – none of them signed a contract, therefore, she fears, “there will be no payments to these guys.”

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