Mobilized Russian survivor in Makiivka spoke about the explosion on January 1 | VIDEO

Mobilized Russian survivor of Makiivka spoke about the explosion on January 1 | VIDEO

Mobilized from Samara, who survived the attack on Makeevka on January 1, spoke about how the shelling took place. The video is published by journalist Denis Kazansky.

The occupant said that such a large number of deaths was due to the fact that on New Year's Eve the soldiers were gathered in the assembly hall to listen to the congratulations of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The order was given by Colonel Roman Enikeev. The mobilized allegedly asked not to do this and not to gather them together, but they could not disobey the officers.

«Apparently the real goal of the «special military operation» — it is the achievement of some unprecedented depths of shame and humiliation. Because there is simply no other way to explain the ongoing madness», — Kazansky writes.

  • On January 1, the media wrote about 600 dead occupiers as a result of the destruction of the Russian Armed Forces base.
  • The RF Ministry of Defense stated that that the death toll in Makiivka was about 89, among them a lieutenant colonel.

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