MONATIK announced a return to Ukraine and a new album

MONATIK announced a return to Ukraine and a new album

The MONATIK singer, who was caught in the war in Barcelona, ​​admitted that he plans to return to Ukraine before autumn. He spoke about this in an interview with Slava+.

– I wanted and dream that my children go to the first grade in Kyiv, as we planned. I am very worried about the sirens, for the explosions, for their psychological state, that they will have to run to the bomb shelter during the lesson. Therefore, as a father, I now make a decision. There is still time. But I myself will be back earlier, – the artist shared.

Now the performer, together with other artists, gives charity concerts in Europe, where he raises funds to help refugees and war-affected Ukrainians, and also packs humanitarian aid. When asked if there was a desire to return to their homeland to fight, MONATIK replied:

– I was torn to pieces. I had a lot of discussions with my wife, because we communicate on all issues. He said that everyone is now at war, and I have to go. But there were children nearby and she told me: “And the family? And how should we be now? How will you just leave us during the war? Where are we? What should we do?” Family has always been a very important factor in my life and a great achievement. I wanted them to be somehow comfortable and to “break into pieces” myself – how to act. Therefore, I called friends who had been in the war for a long time. They said: “Yes, Dima, you were missing here with your military experience.” Agree, I'm just “0” in military affairs. And it is true. I have an idea that I would definitely be at a loss, go somewhere, ask how to reload the machine gun, what should I do with it. And anyway, you know, I can't imagine that I'm killing someone. I'm ready to go to the art front. I imagined myself both in the tank and at the front. And this is such an internal sur that you previously did not carry inside yourself. I have always tried to bring love, rhythm, dances with my work, to distract from the gray everyday life.

The singer also said that he is now preparing a mini-album “ART-defence”, which will include tracks in Ukrainian and Russian hit “Silent”.

Earlier, the singer Natalya Mogilevskaya thanked the artist for helping the soldiers at the front. According to her, the bulletproof vest, which the singer handed over to the front line, saved the life of her sound engineer near Sumy. alt=”MONATIK announced a return to Ukraine and a new album” />

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