More than 1,500 new graves discovered near Mariupol | A PHOTO

Over 1500 new graves found near Mariupol | PHOTOS

Near the temporarily occupied Mariupol, at the mass grave site, the satellite recorded more than 1,500 new graves. This is reported by the BBC.

Based on available satellite images, the British Center for Information Sustainability has calculated that from June 29 to October 15, 1,500 new graves appeared at the site of the already known mass grave in Stary Krym.

Analysts cannot determine the exact number of those buried at this site, so they are forced to estimate only the number of freshly dug graves. In total, according to their estimates, more than 4,600 graves have been dug in this place since the beginning of the war.

Thus, from the moment of the full-scale invasion of Russia until May 12, about 1,700 new graves appeared in Stary Krym, by June 29 the number of burials had increased by another 1,400. Local residents told reporters that they have seen Russian-appointed authorities in recent months remove the bodies of the dead from under the rubble of collapsed buildings and take them away for burial.

One of the women counted more than 800 fresh graves in another place of mass burial – in the Vinogradnoye area near Mariupol. According to the photographs provided by the woman to journalists, most of the graves are marked with the burial number and gender of the deceased. The interlocutor of the publication notes that most of the bodies are unidentified.

Near Mariupol discovered more than 1500 new graves | PHOTO

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