More than 50 countries pledged to send weapons to Ukraine: hundreds of tanks and artillery

More than 50 countries have pledged to send weapons to Ukraine: hundreds of tanks and artillery

Ukraine will receive a new military aid package from more than 50 countries around the world. We are talking about tanks, anti-tank and artillery systems. RBC-Ukraine writes about this.

– The United States is uniting the world to support Ukraine, allies and partners around the world are making a significant contribution. Secretary of Defense Austin just brought together more than 50 countries that have made new commitments, and this is a global effort to support Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said at the NATO summit in Madrid.

As the American leader noted, in The new aid package will include 140,000 anti-tank systems, more than 600 tanks, about 500 artillery systems and more than 600,000 artillery ammunition. Biden also announced an additional supply of multiple launch rocket systems (HIMARS), anti-ship systems and air defense systems.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a number of countries have provided military assistance by sending weapons and protective equipment to our defenders. Ukraine received about $5.6 billion in aid from the United States alone. In June, the US Department of Defense announced $1 billion in additional security assistance to Ukraine.

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